Software Services

We offer services for the entire range of Software Life cycle from requirements gathering phase through install into production, and the ongoing sustaining of software. Our objective in any software project is to demonstrate measurable improvement in product and process quality.

Following are the services offered:

Embedded System Software

Embedded systems are microcontroller-based systems built into technical equipment. They're designed for a dedicated purpose and usually don't allow different applications to be loaded and new peripherals to be connected. Communication with the outside world occurs via sensors and actuators; if applicable, embedded systems provide a human interface for dedicated actions.

The software executed in those systems is called embedded software. It's an integral part of the system itself. Embedded software is defined as a special-purpose software system built into a larger system. The end user usually doesn't recognize embedded software as software in the traditional way; instead, he or she perceives it as a set of functions that the system provides. Embedded software is a key driver of most industries.

Our team possesses extensive experience in Embedded Systems that span across various industry segments. We offer a wide range of design, development and support services for Embedded Systems around all layers of technology throughout all the phases of the product lifecycle. Right from product development and maintenance to testing, we offer services that help our clients to bring their products much faster to market and in a more cost-effective way.

Our excellence in Hardware & Software provides our customers a valuable partner to address their challenging design needs.

These solutions would typically involve various hardware and software subsystems with strong domain knowledge on how to integrate these into main systems. Our engineers are equipped with relevant knowledge and expertise to deliver parts of your design requirement, or the complete solution and implementation.

SAP & Non - SAP Integration

We provide expert advice with strong industry knowledge. Committed to every customer we provide a solution for your business needs or technical problems along with System integration.

Designing and implementing value adding solutions with full integration between SAP and non-SAP applications.

As we notice with many clients, SAP ERP is not the only application to handle their day to day businesses; they have several other applications supporting different activities. Usually during a SAP ERP Implementation, a few of the already running non-SAP applications are retired and their processes are run on SAP ERP and the other few are integrated with SAP ERP application and some are left alone to function independently.

There are several tools available within SAP that can be used to integrate SAP and non-SAP systems and similarly the non-SAP systems often comes with tools to integrate with other systems and usually with some or more level of customization from both SAP and non- SAP systems the integration between the two systems can be established successfully.

For instance some manufacturing clients use non-SAP systems to handle their production and shop floor activities and use SAP ERP Logistics module for Sales, Purchasing and Warehouse management. The non-SAP system does not know what to produce and how many to produce but this information is available in SAP ERP as a result of forecasting or orders received into SAP ERP. It is important that these details are sent to the non-SAP system in real time for actual production to take place and finally getting back information from these systems and updating SAP ERP with the production and inventory details.

Application Software
  • Product Data Management
  • Product Life Cycle Management
  • Supply Chain & Logistics
  • Web based Trading
  • Financial Systems

Activities undertaken include Scope analysis, Requirements Analysis Architecture Design, Development, Testing and ongoing sustenance. In addition, we have demonstrated value in Performance Testing, Test Automation and Infrastructure planning.

We endeavor to create value to our clients through improvements in their productivity and profitability. We achieve these objectives through our dedicated team of experienced professionals, with a diverse portfolio of skills and expertise, who are committed to careful planning, quality workmanship and timely delivery of projects in a cost effective manner.

Software Services Offered
  • Software Development
  • * Customer specific configuration
    * Data Management
    * Customized Reports
    * Preparation of Training content for end user groups

  • Quality Assurance
  • * Apparel PLM applications - Functional, Regression,
       Performance, Integration, Migration, Platform compatibility
    * Project and Workflow Management application -
       Functional, Client specific requirements
    * Support for multiple platforms -
       Desktops, Mobile, Tablet etc

  • Implementation
  • * Application Configuration
    * Data Load and Migration
    * Software Deployment
    * Allied Services

    - Software infrastructure support
    - Technical Documentation
    - Training content creation

  • Sustenance/ Maintenance
  • Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) - Retail
  • Business Process Management - Logistics
  • Project and Process Management
  • Data Analysis and Decision Support
    • Intellectual Property
  • Financial Transaction Management
    • Infrastructure projects
Lifecycle Models:
  • Agile, Rational RUP and Waterfall
  • Process,Optimization,Metrics management
  • Oracle
  • Microsoft SQL
  • C++, C#, Objective C
  • Visual Basic
  • Open Source - Python
Development :
  • Microsoft
  • Open Source (Linux)
  • IOS
Data Testing
  • Data Integrity testing
  • Data Migration
Test tools
  • Test automation: Selenium, QTP
  • Performance: Neoload
  • Test Management – Rally, Quality Center
Quality Assurance Types of testing
  • Functional
  • Regression
  • Performance



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