Case Studies

Our dynamic and compelling corporate management and administrative staff are dedicated to the attainment of our clients' objectives and goals. The expansive and diverse backgrounds of our team of professionals allow us to implement unique and creative solutions for every client. Every member of our team proves to be a valuable asset to our company, contributing enormously to our success. All go great lengths to provide superb customer service and solutions.

Indo Schottle Auto Parts Pvt. Ltd. is India's largest manufacturer of engine valve collets, rocker arm screws and turbocharger components. It has a history of providing precision machine tools to the world's most demanding customers. They fulfill engine valve collets, rocker arm screws and turbocharger components' customer needs anywhere in the world. Indo Schottle has its manufacturing operations in Pune, India and its products are sold globally. In the last two decades the company has supplied over 400 million parts to its valued OEM customers. Indo Schottle proudly boasts of a bunch of esteemed customers including industrial giants like TATA, MARUTI, TVS, and MAHINDRA HONDA etc. The plant II is a 100% EOU where they manufacture turbocharger parts & fuel system parts.

Our Task: We have implemented Phase I of mySAP 5.0 at Indo Schottle.
Project Mission: Speed through system support In Phase I, PP, PM, SD, FI, MM, QM.CO & Payroll in Phase II, KM, HR, BW, and EP.

Testimonial “While Indo Schottle Auto Parts Pvt. Ltd has enjoyed some cost savings, the real value of the SAP solution lies in the company's ability to move employees from manual tasks to higher-value activities.”
- Says GM Finance
- GM Finance, Indo Schottle Auto Parts Pvt. Ltd.

Instead of merely gathering data, we're now analyzing and evaluating that data, leading to more effective decision making and planning." A later implementation of SAP Business Intelligence, a component in the SAP NetWeaverTM platform, will further support additional analysis. “We're very pleased with how well the project went,” he adds. “With the entire process online on SAP software, even a midsize company like ours can provide up-to date inventory and order fulfillment information using a variety of electronic communications protocols."
- GM Finance, Indo Schottle Auto Parts Pvt. Ltd.



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