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How can SAP Training Improve the Functional Aspects of a Business?

SAP has become an important part of business to be incorporated for the efficient business processes and functions. It has developed ERP solutions that are completely industry specific with an excellent support infrastructure which is winning over businesses globally.

SAP Training
SAP Training for Business

But in order to understand how the SAP solution works, one should have an in depth knowledge of the various processes involved in the business such as finance, production, accounting, sales etc. Also it is necessary to understand the correlation of all the processes and how they are entwined with each other. For e.g. If the business is in the process of making sales, there should be an instant update with its related process i.e. the inventory and manufacturing processes. Further, when the manufacturing process is recorded an instant placement of order for the raw material should be made to the vendors. These are inter-related processes called Business Process Engineering and understanding them is a priority before understanding the SAP solution and further investing for SAP Training.

Let us understand the process more clearly with the help of the following examples:

The Purchase Process:

  • The production manager prepares a list of the raw material that the company will need according to the manufacturing plan of a certain product. The list is then prepared keeping in mind the raw material present with the company and how much more will be required.
  • Accordingly a vendor is selected by the purchase department on the basis of the cost of the raw material.
  • When the vendor is decided upon, the purchase order is sent.
  • The raw material received from the vendor is added up in the inventory records of the company.
  • It is necessary to verify the invoice received from the vendor.
  • When all is done the vendor is paid for the same.

The Process of Production:

  • SOP or what is known as Sales and Operations Planning is the process where forecasts based on the sales of the company are implemented in a model developed by the company to check the feasibility of the production planning.
  • Depending upon the forecasted sale the actual plan of production is made which is called as MPS or Master Production Scheduling.
  • According to the production plan of the company the actual requirement of raw material is derived which is known as Material Requirement Planning or MRP.
  • A planned order is converted to a production order when the list of requirements is completely ready and the company is ready to place an order.
  • Upon receiving the required raw material the actual production takes place and then is entered in the records as finished goods.

The Process of Sales:

  • The pre-sale activity which consists of planning of the mode of sale by the sale personnel
  • The sales personnel enters an entry of the sales order into the system from the point of sale with the help of a computer and internet.
  • The order is then fulfilled by checking the inventory of the company for a suitable product and having it shipped.
  • It is then delivered to the customer.
  • Then the final billing and payment of the product are done.

These are just examples of the different functions of a business. Keeping records of the above different functions is made easy with SAP and hence SAP is gaining a steady popularity in the corporate world.

Choose the Best Authorized SAP Training Institute

SAP stands for Systems, Applications and products and ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. This software is gaining popularity and momentum globally for its resource planning enterprise solutions as it is incorporated on the corporate level in almost all businesses and institutions like wise for their daily professional activities and hence SAP is fast becoming a valuable asset for a business.

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Likewise a professional SAP certified individual is also a huge asset of the company and business. Mostly all companies will employ professionals who have a degree of training from reputed and authorized training institutes. So it is important for a person to invest in a SAP training facility that can help him/her scale into new heights in the form of diverse career opportunities.

But it can be thoroughly confusing as to how to choose the best SAP training institute in Pune since whichever training institutes you enquire with will tell you about the positive aspects of SAP training with their institution. Following are a few aspects which are to be considered and understood before you choose a SAP training institute.

  • Guided and Right Curriculum:

Training in SAP ERP is meant for professionals so that they can manage the various processes of a business through SAP. It also aides them to intensify the information in the ERP systems. A training institute should facilitate this aspect in their training curriculum.

  • Proper certification:

A SAP training institute should provide a proper certification to the professional. This helps the professional to gain employment according to the expertise in the field he is trained at the SAP training institute.

  • Practical learning and online assistance:

Make sure that the SAP training institute has specially designed training modules depending upon your knowledge and experience of SAP ERP whether you are employed in a multinational company or a fresher. Excellency of the training institute depends on the versatility of the courses offered by them as well as the method of training they adopt to train the candidates. The training process should include practical knowledge if SAP as well as online assistance.

  • After course support system:

Many institutions offer support services which are extensive not only during the course but after the course as well in the form of guidance and consulting sessions which are regularly conducted by SAP professionals with expertise from diverse fields.

  • Preparation for interviews:

Ask for a confirmation if additional benefits and services are offered by the SAP training institute in the form of interaction with experts, mock interview sessions and consulting sessions which can be beneficial for the candidates for a thorough preparation for their interviews after the completion of the SAP training course.

  • Association with MNC’s:

The SAP training institute should have good associations with various small and big multinational companies as well as guaranteed placement assistance as this ensures successful placements in these MNC’s for kick starting your career on the right foot.

Advantages Of Using SAP For Business

SAP stands for Systems, Applications and Products and it is by now common knowledge that it is used by big and small businesses and companies as a solution for their daily business operations relating to the various aspects of the business like human resource, finance, production planning, marketing and sales of the product, business applications, customer relations, project management and so on. Training for SAP can help you gain knowledge and practical experience in any of the above fields which is essential to improve the quality of job opportunities in the field of your choice and preference and to gain the knowledge it is essential to invest and enroll at authorized SAP training institutes in Pune.

As the knowledge of SAP helps to enhance the quality of jobs offered to professionals, SAP, as a system tool, is equally important for a business. By developing solutions that are specifically industry based, SAP has gained popularity in nearly 188 countries with a client base of more than 12 million clients and customers and counting as more and more business are shifting focus towards SAP for their daily and specific business needs.


How is SAP important from the business point of view?

Slowly and steadily companies are realizing the importance of SAP as an important solution which they want to incorporate in the business without any delays. The significance of adapting and using SAP ERP is credited to the successful use of SAP by some big and small MNC’s which brought about a revolution in SAP in other companies also.

Let us look at the benefits that these companies experienced after adapting themselves to SAP:

  • SAP ERP is fully consolidated systems for real-time businesses where the chances of inconsistencies are reduced due to end-to-end process of transactions.
  • SAP systems are the most advanced and highly efficient systems with an excellent and unparalleled support infrastructure.
  • Upon implementing SAP in the daily business can cause increase in productivity as it reduces the need for entering records multiple times at multiple places as with the use of SAP ERP records have to be entered only once. It eliminates the need for verification and merging records with the sub systems.
  • Forwarding of important data within the business becomes easier and efficient as the workflow is conducted through e-mails, messages, alerts through SMS’s etc.
  • The overall improvement in the procedure for reports and analysis raises the level of ease of operating management.
  • It is easier for the management at the top to keep a close eye on the employees and on their efficiency towards their work and business.

As of today, irrespective of the size of the business, whether big or small, information technology infrastructure and the SAP ERP solutions are broadly used for the improvement in the efficiency of the business. This software is extremely effective in negating out the incompetence in a company’s information system and thus businesses are adopting the best and the most suited ERP packages developed by SAP.

SAP Cloud Computing

SAP’s journey into the clouds:

  • SAP has deep experience serving 50+ million cloud users, with some of the world’s largest cloud implementations. SAP’s solutions offer an unparalleled user experience, all built with mobile access in mind, and all leveraging the industry expertise from more than 2,53,000 SAP customers in 191 countries across 25 industries.
  • SAP helps its customers to create the perfect cloud landscape to meet their business needs. The services and solutions offered by SAP will speed your move to the cloud and create a secure, highly scalable global IT environment that allows you to boost productivity, cut costs, and offer more value.
Cloud Computing
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 According to the SAP Cloud Overview, the future will bring with it the next generation of cloud computing. Among its predicted characteristics, the future cloud will include:

  • Rapid innovation cycles and co-innovation measures with customers
  • Embedded social collaboration
  • Mobile first design approach focused on the user experience
  • Improved user experiences harmonized across products
  • Analytics
  • Real time data
  • Open integration
  • The short term future of SAP and cloud computing involves bridging the gap between on premise equipment and full blown cloud computing. By embracing hybrid cloud computing and helping its customers navigate the transformational path, SAP is ensuring its place in the future of cloud computing.

Why Choose SAP for Cloud Computing?

The SAP team will simplify and accelerate your journey to cloud by providing expert guidance and support every step of the way. It can help to determine your cloud strategy, develop a transformation roadmap, execute cloud migration, operate your hybrid cloud environment – and even make sure you get the maximum value from your existing on- premise applications. Some benefits of SAP Cloud Computing are as follows:

  • Increase agility in your IT landscape with on-demand computing
  • Reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) of your SAP landscape
  • Automate time-consuming IT system administration tasks to reduce total cost of operations
  • Adapt to ever-changing business requirements – faster
  • Accelerate time to value for your business users

Important Information on SAP Cloud Computing:

SAP’s strategy focuses on helping customers manage people, money, suppliers, and customers by delivering solutions that can be adopted at their customers’ own pace. It also offers solutions on a unified, open platform, allowing for the creation of cloud-based applications and SAP extensions. As much as SAP is embracing a hybrid cloud model, it appears to recognize that the future of cloud computing is, in fact, in the cloud. Hybrid solutions are viewed as transitional solutions that bridge the gap between on premise and cloud computing. The real future is the cloud, and SAP is tightly focused on that. Its product strategy is powered by SAP HANA. SAP products can be broken down into cloud, mobile, analytics, applications, and database/technology categories, each of which makes use of SAP HANA. With one cloud platform supporting mobile, social, and data products, SAP customers can leverage the SAP cloud directly or via on premise equipment to better manage their own customers, money, people, and suppliers.

In the last blog we were talking about SAP HANA and SAP: Importance and the Future of SAP and shared the idea about both topics.

Don’t hesitate to ask your questions about these topics and write your comments bellow.

SAP: Importance and the Future of SAP

SAP as a company

SAP-AG, a German company is the world’s biggest ERP solutions provider and has been immensely successful and popular as a product, brand and is an excellent career option. SAP is the third largest independent software supplier in the world with more than 12 million users. It has more than 1,500 SAP partners, over 25 industry-specific business solutions, and more than 238,000 customers in 188 countries. Over the period of 41 years, their revelation has transformed SAP from a small regional enterprise into a world-class international company with more than 65500 employees and locations in more than 130 countries. It provides enterprise software applications and support to businesses of all sizes globally. Headquartered in Walldorf, Germany, SAP is the largest enterprise software company in the world. It is also the largest software company in Europe and the fourth largest globally. The company’s best known products are its SAP Enterprise Resource Planning SAP ERP. Practically all manufacturing, trading, retail and various companies having sizable turnover are either on SAP systems or are eligible for SAP installation.


SAP has developed industry-specific ERP solutions that address the needs of over 28 industrial sectors. It has managed to build up a client base of more than 12 million users worldwide. Those numbers are estimated to grow as more and more enterprises jump on the SAP ERP bandwagon.

Importance of SAP for your business

Many companies are realizing that SAP solutions have gained importance to their business. The emphasis on the use of SAP is due to many successful and large companies using SAP systems broadly for their operations and reporting. The software nullifies all the deficiencies in an organisation’s information system. SAP ERP systems are fully integrated business real-time systems. They enable transactions to be processed end-to-end and eliminate data inconsistencies between sub-systems. Organisations have now begun replacing their old business systems with the best ERP packages developed by SAP.

The benefits of using SAP for your business are numerous. SAP delivers systems that are modern and highly efficient. Their support infrastructure is unmatched in the software industry. The productivity arising from an SAP implementation can be remarkable. Records are fed in only once. There are no sub-systems to consolidate and verify. Data can be forwarded to others within the organization by efficient workflows – using internal messages, emails, SMS alerts or other means. Operations can be authorized and passed along for the next person to process. The overall reporting and analytics procedure is improved to a level that facilitates operation management. The top management can monitor and control the entire Company operations.

Today, whether it’s a small, mid-sized or big company IT infrastructure and ERP software is used for improving their efficiency. In order to successfully implement the SAP software, there is a constant need of SAP professionals who are trained and certified.


SAP as a Profession

SAP offers courses in marketing, human resource, product life cycle, finance, material management, production, planning, business applications, supply chain, customer relationship, business intelligence, project management, quality management, etc. To enhance job opportunities with these SAP courses, knowledge and experience of a particular domain is essential. After completing any of the mentioned SAP courses and having sound domain knowledge and expertise, one can benefit from innumerable job opportunities. SAP certification can make you a thorough professional with capacities to bridge the gap between planning and execution of strategies. SAP certification is one of the best career options for those who aspire to become successful professionals. This profession could give you complete job satisfaction coupled with a higher compensation.

SAP Partners

SAP has a network of business partners and education partners to provide its consulting & training services.

The Education Partners provide SAP Authorized training to working professionals of every domain to help them become an SAP Consultant, the most rewarding career in IT.

Delphi Computech is an award winning Education Partner of SAP with various centres in Pune, Pimpri, Mumbai and Nasik. With 15 years of training expertise, Delphi Computech proves to be one of the best training institutes to enhance your career in SAP. Delphi Computech is the only SAP Authorised Training Centre in Pune which has both, training and consulting services of SAP.

To know more about the SAP careers, and to switch to a prestigious and rewarding profession, keep following this space for our upcoming SAP blogs.