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Why is SAP certification important for an upward career graph?

SAP certification has a high demand among IT professionals around the globe. And rightly so, as SAP (Systems, Applications and Products) has developed ERP, it has bought about a face of change in the way businesses are run in the industry. It has bought ease and efficiency in the conduct of business along with reliability. Hence it is the most sought after IT solution by all the companies whether big or small.

Since it is so beneficial for business and is being incorporated by them in their everyday processes, it is the most sought after certification course for a fresher and/or professionals.

Let us look at the 10 reasons which induce an individual to apply for SAP certification:

  1. Job:  This is the prime reason of SAP certification. If you have a SAP certification, it will be easier for you to get an IT based job whether you are a fresher or a professional as SAP certification is a stepping stone to jump start your career and make an unbelievably bright future.
  2. Money: Businesses all over the world are adopting SAP for the conduct of their business. Hence companies are always on the lookout for individuals who are trained and SAP certified. However, the supply of SAP certified professionals is less than the demand and hence there are
  3. Reputation:A SAP certified professional earns a good reputation in the market. It is more than understood by all, that an SAP certified professional reaps its benefits in the form of a good job with high salary benefits.
  4. Recognition:SAP certification is an authentic proof that the bearer of the certificate has in depth knowledge of SAP. SAP certification gives instant recognition and fame in the corporate world.
  5. Prospects:SAP certification opens doors to great career opportunities. One option after certification is to become a SAP consultant training, which has a very high demand.
  6. Self respect:SAP certification acts as a power booster to an individual’s self respect. It is a profession which has a high demand.

All these contribute into making SAP certification a highly sought after career choice. SAP certification from an authorized training institute along with hard work and determination, can help you build a bright career and bag your dream job.

Career Opportunities after SAP Training and Certification

SAP which stands for Systems, Applications and Products in Data Processing. It has a high demand for conducting day to day business processes of a company. SAP is a highly successful brand in the IT market as well as a product which has a global recognition. SAP certified professionals are in demand just like SAP solutions.
It is quite challenging for the individual to select their stream of SAP certification. To make it easier for you, below is a list of SAP modules to choose from. It is equally important to choose recognized and authorized SAP training centres in Pune for your certification.

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1. SAP MM:
SAP MM stands for Material Management. It is one of the most important modules in SAP ERP training. It deals with the inventory of the material on the company on a day to day basis. There are many aspects to the SAP MM module like:
• Purchasing the material
• Receiving the goods
• Proper storage of the goods received
• Planning of usage of the material
• Inventory

2. SAP SD:
SAP SD stands for Sales and distribution. It looks after the sales and distribution process, right from receiving an order from the customer, to the final delivery of the product. The SAP SD module contains the below components:
• Pre-sales activity which is consists of planning the mode of sale, by the sales personnel or the sales support.
• Entry of the sales order into the system with the help of a computer and internet, also known as entering master data.
• Fulfilling the order with a suitable product and shipping it.
• Inclusion of foreign trade if necessary.
• Dealing with transport facility and product delivery to the customer.
• Payment of the bill and entering the data in the sales information system.

3. SAP PP:
SAP PP stands for production planning which is related to the functional aspect of production of a company. It covers all the activities related to production like MRP (Material Requirement Planning), BOM (Bills Of Materials), routings, requisition of material according to the MRP etc. The SAP PP module is amalgamated with the workings of the other SAP modules like the SAP SD, SAP MM, SAP FICO, SAP PM and SAP LE modules.

4. SAP PM:
SAP PM stands for Plant Maintenance which is an important functional module which is responsible for maintaining the material, efficient and effective planning of the production and thereby concluding by completing the order to hand it over to the next module to be processed further.

5. SAP PS:
SAP PS stands for Project Systems which is a functional aspect of SAP. It manages the complete project from the idea for the product to the detailed planning and execution of the plans to the completion of the project. SAP PS is integrated with SAP FICO and is mainly used for huge and complex projects.

SAP FICO stands for FI (Financial accounting) and CO (controlling). This is a vital module in the ERP system since it is responsible for storing important financial data of the company.
SAP training and certification can provide you with a bright and lucrative career ahead, depending on your qualification and expertise.

Delphi Computech – Your One Stop Shop for a Bright Career in SAP

Are you a fresher looking for career options in IT or are you an IT professional stuck in a job which you do not like anymore? Either ways, it is time you shift your focus to SAP certification courses at Delphi Computech Pune.

Delphi Computech is a SAP education and business partner with multiple awards in India and overseas. It has business experience of more than 18 years in the field of SAP training and consulting.


Advantages of SAP certified training at Delphi Computech

  • Delphi Computech is known to be the first e-learning partner of SAP in India and has received the award for the Best E-learning partner of SAP.
  • It has multiple authorized centres for SAP training and certification in Pune and Navi Mumbai.
  • The SAP training institute in Pune offers SAP projects to its students giving them an advantage of hands on practical training during the course of the session.
  • The team at Delphi Computech has come up with a unique opportunity for its student known as ‘Bridge the Gap’. This project not only provides the students to gain project expertise through a 3 months project assignment but it also helps businesses discover new talents in the SAP field as businesses are always on the lookout for SAP certified individuals as the demand for such professionals is high. The students participating in the ‘Bridge the Gap’ project are entitled to receive a project experience certificate.
  • Delphi organizes guidance sessions regularly, during and after the courses which are attended by SAP experts. Other value added services from Delphi include expert interactions and mock interview sessions which are helpful for the students to crack the actual interviews.
  • Provides a 100% placement assistance at reputed organisations which ensures a bright SAP career.
  • Methods to provide placement to the students include:
  1. Alliance with top multi national organizations for instant placement of candidates
  2. Arranging SAP job fairs for students to bag their dream jobs
  3. Ready interview and offer letter from MNC’s.

Choose the Best Authorized SAP Training Institute

SAP stands for Systems, Applications and products and ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. This software is gaining popularity and momentum globally for its resource planning enterprise solutions as it is incorporated on the corporate level in almost all businesses and institutions like wise for their daily professional activities and hence SAP is fast becoming a valuable asset for a business.

Img scr:gettyimages
Img scr:gettyimages

Likewise a professional SAP certified individual is also a huge asset of the company and business. Mostly all companies will employ professionals who have a degree of training from reputed and authorized training institutes. So it is important for a person to invest in a SAP training facility that can help him/her scale into new heights in the form of diverse career opportunities.

But it can be thoroughly confusing as to how to choose the best SAP training institute in Pune since whichever training institutes you enquire with will tell you about the positive aspects of SAP training with their institution. Following are a few aspects which are to be considered and understood before you choose a SAP training institute.

  • Guided and Right Curriculum:

Training in SAP ERP is meant for professionals so that they can manage the various processes of a business through SAP. It also aides them to intensify the information in the ERP systems. A training institute should facilitate this aspect in their training curriculum.

  • Proper certification:

A SAP training institute should provide a proper certification to the professional. This helps the professional to gain employment according to the expertise in the field he is trained at the SAP training institute.

  • Practical learning and online assistance:

Make sure that the SAP training institute has specially designed training modules depending upon your knowledge and experience of SAP ERP whether you are employed in a multinational company or a fresher. Excellency of the training institute depends on the versatility of the courses offered by them as well as the method of training they adopt to train the candidates. The training process should include practical knowledge if SAP as well as online assistance.

  • After course support system:

Many institutions offer support services which are extensive not only during the course but after the course as well in the form of guidance and consulting sessions which are regularly conducted by SAP professionals with expertise from diverse fields.

  • Preparation for interviews:

Ask for a confirmation if additional benefits and services are offered by the SAP training institute in the form of interaction with experts, mock interview sessions and consulting sessions which can be beneficial for the candidates for a thorough preparation for their interviews after the completion of the SAP training course.

  • Association with MNC’s:

The SAP training institute should have good associations with various small and big multinational companies as well as guaranteed placement assistance as this ensures successful placements in these MNC’s for kick starting your career on the right foot.

Career Opportunities in SAP

SAP-AG, a German company is the world’s biggest ERP solutions provider and has been immensely successful and popular as a product, brand and is an excellent career option. There are various career options and opportunities after completing SAP certification.


There are several modules that SAP offers. The number of modules increases every year. Each business has a number of different modules such as Material Management (MM), Project System (PS), Sales and Distribution (SD), Advanced Planner and Optimizer (APO), Quality Management (QM) etc. With time, they have differentiated some larger modules into several smaller ones such as MM into Plant Maintenance (PM), Production Planning (PP) etc. There are different modules for different enterprises depending on nature and size of the business. This has opened up new job opportunities for people and allowed them to become consultants in the line of work they are most comfortable in.

Another good option is a SAP solution manager.

The technical consultants or ABAP developers constantly have new tools and techniques to play with. Those who already have experience in SAP ABAP can try new techniques and open doors to new career opportunities. SAP aspirants have a several opportunities. So, one can positively pursue a career in SAP.

 It is best to get certified in SAP from an authorised centre and study latest innovations such as in memory technology (HANA), mobility, analytics and cloud platform as it is certain that SAP would like to migrate all OLAP and OLTP applications to HANA. Analytics and Business Intelligence tools also have tremendous benefits switching over to HANA.