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SAP: Importance and the Future of SAP

SAP as a company

SAP-AG, a German company is the world’s biggest ERP solutions provider and has been immensely successful and popular as a product, brand and is an excellent career option. SAP is the third largest independent software supplier in the world with more than 12 million users. It has more than 1,500 SAP partners, over 25 industry-specific business solutions, and more than 238,000 customers in 188 countries. Over the period of 41 years, their revelation has transformed SAP from a small regional enterprise into a world-class international company with more than 65500 employees and locations in more than 130 countries. It provides enterprise software applications and support to businesses of all sizes globally. Headquartered in Walldorf, Germany, SAP is the largest enterprise software company in the world. It is also the largest software company in Europe and the fourth largest globally. The company’s best known products are its SAP Enterprise Resource Planning SAP ERP. Practically all manufacturing, trading, retail and various companies having sizable turnover are either on SAP systems or are eligible for SAP installation.


SAP has developed industry-specific ERP solutions that address the needs of over 28 industrial sectors. It has managed to build up a client base of more than 12 million users worldwide. Those numbers are estimated to grow as more and more enterprises jump on the SAP ERP bandwagon.

Importance of SAP for your business

Many companies are realizing that SAP solutions have gained importance to their business. The emphasis on the use of SAP is due to many successful and large companies using SAP systems broadly for their operations and reporting. The software nullifies all the deficiencies in an organisation’s information system. SAP ERP systems are fully integrated business real-time systems. They enable transactions to be processed end-to-end and eliminate data inconsistencies between sub-systems. Organisations have now begun replacing their old business systems with the best ERP packages developed by SAP.

The benefits of using SAP for your business are numerous. SAP delivers systems that are modern and highly efficient. Their support infrastructure is unmatched in the software industry. The productivity arising from an SAP implementation can be remarkable. Records are fed in only once. There are no sub-systems to consolidate and verify. Data can be forwarded to others within the organization by efficient workflows – using internal messages, emails, SMS alerts or other means. Operations can be authorized and passed along for the next person to process. The overall reporting and analytics procedure is improved to a level that facilitates operation management. The top management can monitor and control the entire Company operations.

Today, whether it’s a small, mid-sized or big company IT infrastructure and ERP software is used for improving their efficiency. In order to successfully implement the SAP software, there is a constant need of SAP professionals who are trained and certified.


SAP as a Profession

SAP offers courses in marketing, human resource, product life cycle, finance, material management, production, planning, business applications, supply chain, customer relationship, business intelligence, project management, quality management, etc. To enhance job opportunities with these SAP courses, knowledge and experience of a particular domain is essential. After completing any of the mentioned SAP courses and having sound domain knowledge and expertise, one can benefit from innumerable job opportunities. SAP certification can make you a thorough professional with capacities to bridge the gap between planning and execution of strategies. SAP certification is one of the best career options for those who aspire to become successful professionals. This profession could give you complete job satisfaction coupled with a higher compensation.

SAP Partners

SAP has a network of business partners and education partners to provide its consulting & training services.

The Education Partners provide SAP Authorized training to working professionals of every domain to help them become an SAP Consultant, the most rewarding career in IT.

Delphi Computech is an award winning Education Partner of SAP with various centres in Pune, Pimpri, Mumbai and Nasik. With 15 years of training expertise, Delphi Computech proves to be one of the best training institutes to enhance your career in SAP. Delphi Computech is the only SAP Authorised Training Centre in Pune which has both, training and consulting services of SAP.

To know more about the SAP careers, and to switch to a prestigious and rewarding profession, keep following this space for our upcoming SAP blogs.

All About SAP HANA

What is SAP HANA?

SAP HANA is an in-memory, column-oriented, relational database management system developed and marketed by SAP SE. HANA’s architecture is designed to handle both high transaction rates and complex query processing on the same platform. SAP HANA was previously called SAP High-Performance Analytic Appliance.

In addition to the database engine, HANA includes an embedded web server and version control repository that can be used for application development. HANA applications can be created using server-side JavaScript and HTML.
SAP HANA has completely transformed the database industry by combining database, data processing, and application platform capabilities in a single in-memory platform. The platform also provides libraries for predictive, planning, text processing, spatial, and business analytics — all on the same architecture.

This makes it possible for applications and analytics to be rethought without information processing latency, and sense-and-response solutions can work on massive quantities of real-time data for immediate answers without building pre-aggregates. Simply put — this makes SAP HANA the platform for building and deploying next-generation, real-time applications and analytics.


  • SAP HANA can accelerate everything you do.
  • It can help you unlock information across all of your existing solutions, including analytics, mobile, and applications, both on premise and in the cloud. It can help you answer any question, from any data or any system, across 26 different languages. It provides instant responses to your questions, enabling you to ask iterative questions without any IT wait time.
  • It can dramatically simplify IT and deliver dramatic costs savings.
  • The Forrester Total Economic Impact Study of SAP HANA estimated that the SAP HANA platform can save an organization 37% across hardware, software and labour costs.
  • It can help you innovate with new business model breakthroughs.
    How can SAP HANA help drive value for your business?
  • Operational Reports, Dashboards, and Analytics
  • Turbo-charge your organization with a reporting solution that provides the in-depth information you need, at the speed you need it.

Big Data

Gain new insights using the SAP HANA platform for Big Data. Acquire a variety of data sources, perform advanced analytics, and deliver new applications to drive performance and gain competitive advantage.

  • Data Warehouse and Data Mart
    Enable your business users to pinpoint the right information at the right time, accelerate analyses, and see the trends that will help them shape smart business strategies.
  • Real-time Operational Intelligence
    Deliver real-time insight to front-line workers by rapidly analysing data from machines, streaming events, and business operations.
  • Optimizing Business Operations
    Respond quickly to changing business requirements and market trends, and develop a competitive advantage for your organization. SAP and partner solutions powered by SAP HANA can play a dramatic role in optimizing business operations.
  • Decision Support, Simulation and Automation
    Streamline business flow and improve decision support by leveraging advanced analytics to transform insight into profitable actions.
    SAP S/4 HANA
    SAP S/4HANA, the next generation business suite designed to help you run simple in a digital and networked world. This new suite is built on our advanced in-memory platform. Deployable in the cloud or on – premise, SAP S/4HANA is built to drive instant value across lines of business and industries.
    The new suite is built only for SAP HANA in order to break through all limitations of the past and it fully leverages the latest in- memory and real time capabilities of HANA. It extends the value of simplicity to all lines of business and industries end – to – end with guided configuration for adoption, a modern user experience for business users of all roles in a company on almost any device, a simplified data model, on the fly insight at the highest level and re-imagined real-time business processes.

Key Benefits of SAP S/4HANA:

  • It is designed to drive business innovation with simplicity by connecting people, devices and business networks in real time to support development of new business models.
  • It will help accelerate the on the ramp Internet of Things (IOT) and Big Data.
  • It will allow customers to reimagine their IT, helping to drive lower costs
  • It will help deliver IT efficiency

Those who are interested in learning SAP HANA can contact Delphi Computech (SAP Authorize Partner) about the course and training schedule. Please write your comment about SAP HANA bellow in comment box.